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Photo of Indian classical musiciansIndian classical concert - St. Michaels Church, Walton Hall, MK - 25 June 2008

Photo of Orkestra del SolOrkestra del Sol - The Stables, Wavendon, MK - 24 Jan 2008

Photo of Liliths ArmyLiliths Army - OU Cellar Bar - 9 June 2005

Photo of The MispeltThe Mispelt - OU Cellar Bar - 9 June 2005

Photo of Eleventh HourEleventh Hour - OU Cellar Bar - 9 June 2005

Photo of Soul FeverSoul Fever - OU Pavillion Bar - 6 October 2004

Begin the day with a friendly voice, a companion unobtrusive.
Rush, Spirit of Radio.

All photos copyright © Chris Valentine, 2005.
Please note that all these photos were taken under the most extreme of lighting conditions: even with modern digital cameras, the image quality is not exactly stunning, so please limit your expectations if ordering large prints. Click for ordering information and the full price list.