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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is new EU legislation to protect personal information stored in particular on computers. When placing an order on this website, you enter your name, email address and postal address - all of which is covered by this new act. Only your name and email address are stored after the order is placed, so that if necessary I can contact a customer. This new legislation means that I now have to delete this personal data once the order is complete.

Other EU legislation regards the storage of information in cookies (small text files used by your browser and stored on your computer) and requires that I tell you about the cookies this site uses and what information about you is stored in them.

The site uses the following cookies:

CookieNamePurposeMore information
Facebook datr
The use of a Facebook [like] button on the site results in a number of cookies; frankly its very difficult to know what they all do. They do have pages of documentation but of particular relevance is their answer to this question:

If I visit a site that uses social plugins [such as this one] but I don't interact with them, has any information been shared about me?
No. When you simply view a social plugin on another site, it's like a window into Facebook. It may appear personalized, but none of your information - your name or profile (timeline) information, what you like, who your friends are, what they have liked, what they recommend - is shared. Similarly, no personal information about your actions is provided to advertisers.
Facebook's social plugins
Facebook's data use policy
Google Analytics _utma
Like many thousands of websites, I use Analytics to tell me about the traffic coming to my site, such as how many vists I get, which pages are the most popular, how long people spend looking at them, what browsers people are using, what countries they are visiting from, etc. The Google Analytics cookies are named _utma, _utmb, _utmc and _utmz. None of these contain personal information. If you're interested in Google's cookies, you should read their privacy principles. privacy principles
The shopping basket PHPSESSID If you decide you want to buy any photos from the site, a cookie is used to keep track of what is in your shopping basked; no personally identifiable data is stored in the cookie itself - just a random code that points to a set of entries in the orders database (which keeps a record of the items you have ordered, what sizes, quantity, etc.) When you complete your order, the database also stores your email address; any other personal data, such as your name and postal address, is only sent to me via email and is not stored in the orders database. this page
The Cookie popup cookieconsent_dismissed The popup bar that you see at the very top of the home page when you first visit itself sets a cookie - if you agree - so that you don't see that bar again. If you're interested in the code I used, it came from here (at Google's recommendation): silktide

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